Healing Lyme Through Quantum Techniques

Have you ever noticed how many folks have been brainwashed into believing that health is achieved soley through the killing of some bugs with a biochemical agent?
Throw a few antibiotics at the body and soon you’ll be fine.
Yeah, right.

Then there’s energy medicine, whose applications go beyond the killing of bugs, to the identification and removal of toxins of all kinds in the body, to include emotional trauma and other environmental poisons that are pent up in the cells. Quantum techniques and IRT (Immune Response Training) are two examples of energy therapies that address illness on this holistic level. I’ve written about IRT in earlier posts, so following is a snippet on Quantum Techniques.

First, QT recognizes that illness isn’t simply a product of a few creepy-crawlies, but rather of brokenness, on as many levels as the Empire State building and involving as many layers as the fattest of onions. That it’s a product of self-hatred, lies we tell ourselves, of broken relationships, with ourselves, God and others, as much, if not more, than a product of all the pesticides and plastic food we ingest. Not to mention the bugs. Oh yes, and then the bugs, which should be more like an afterthought for some.

But it’s not the way we’ve been taught to think about illness. For any of us to understand Lyme on this level would mean doing internet research and consulting God and heeding the intuition within that begs not to be silenced even though it might be easier to ignore it than to face the demons inside of us.

Yes, a clean case of Borrelia may be where it’s at for some, but the vast majority of us will have to get some sharp scissors and start peeling the onion, with a willingness to recognize what the mess of chronic illness is truly about.
And it ain’t primarily bugs.

At least, this is what three years of research, my gut and my god have told me. I don’t own the monopoly on anyone’s truth but my own. But humor me for a second and suppose I might be on to something here.

So if it’s really about a slew of emotional, spiritual and other environmental toxins, how does one therapy cover all these bases?

Let me preface my explanation with a science lesson. Quantum Techniques, as other energy healing modalities, believes that illness occurs because of disruptions to and miscommunication within the body’s energy field. It also recognizes that cells aren’t made up solely of physical matter, because matter is comprised of energy. Yes, you heard right. You are a little bundle of energy (I know, now you are saying, Don’t I wish!) . But it’s true.

This energy gets disrupted by toxins, whether these be from infections, harmful thought patterns or contaminated food. Consider that all things in existence, all that can be felt and seen and heard and even that which cannot be observed with the senses but which nonetheless exists, contains a frequency that exerts an influence upon the energy field of the body. And the influence is either positive or negative, driving the body towards health or towards disease.

The Chinese have had it right for a zillion years and we in the West have yet to really grasp the concept of energy. When it comes to existence and healing and all things life, energy is a BIG deal. And what’s more, energy can be altered by spoken words.

If you believe in the god of Christianity (as I do), or even if you don’t, you might subscribe to the theory that God spoke Creation into existence, and that with words, the humans He created have been granted the power to build up and tear down, to heal and to cause disease to themselves and their fellow man. Quantum Techniques might be thought to harness this belief because it uses spoken codes and affirmations to alter dysfunctional energy patterns in the body, and hence cellular behavior, thereby effectuating healing.

And that includes the energy of thoughts, which, according to Bruce Lipton, in his book, The Biology Of Belief, have the capacity to alter a person’s DNA. Yes, many scientists now think you can alter your genes by the wicked things you tell yourself. Or by the sweet songs, after you learn to stomp on the nasty ones.

I continue to be amazed by energy medicine. Personally, I think it is worth considering as a primary therapy in the treatment of Lyme and other chronic illnesses. After all, healing from Lyme might really mean healing from all kinds of garbage we didn’t even know we held inside.