The Great Thing About Having Lyme In Costa Rica

…You can be forgiven for losing track of time during a bout of brain fog, because heck, Costa Ricans do it all the time.

…You won’t be frowned upon if you get your facts wrong about someone or something, since people in Costa Rica don’t think it a big deal to accumulate relatively useless bits of information, such as the percentage of inhabitants who attend the theater in San Jose or the population of rats on the Pacific coast.

…And speaking of brain fog and memory, you’ll be shown mercy if you happen to forget a date with another. Half the time, appointments aren’t kept here anyway.

…People are big into alternative medicine here. They won’t look at you like you’re crazy when you tell them that you are treating your illness auditorily, with CD’s that teach your immune system how it’s supposed to behave.

…If you are feeling fatigued and spacey, you can move at a snail’s pace without locals getting impatient with you. (Except, of course, when drivers come screaming at you full speed ahead as you cross the street).

…The tropical greenery of Costa Rica brings more oxygen into the environment, which in turn scares and suffocates the tarnation out of Borrelia.

…And finally, here folks still believe in and rely on God for healing and all things in life, which is a great balm for an overworked nervous system!