Cool Cordyceps Shrooms

If cordyceps weren’t so pricey, I’d be popping these shrooms like candy. And the truly worthwhile ones cost precious coin. So what’s so great about cordyceps?

This remarkable mushroom, cultivated in China, is known for a myriad of benefits. Besides increasing energy and blood flow to the heart, it is useful for treating heart disease, by lowering LDL’s, and combatting arteriosclerosis. Likewise, it helps to normalize heart arrhythmias.

It’s a great friend to the immune system, by activating NK-cell and macrophage activity, as well as enhancing T-cell activity. Its effects upon NK-cell activity is of particular importance since Lyme proliferates in part by dramatically reducing NK-cells.

And then, my personal favorite….cordyceps sedates the central nervous system. That’s great news for Lymies, who suffer from anxiety and an over-stimulated CNS.

Also, if you have breathing trouble caused by Babesia or Borrelia, cordyceps may be useful because it dilates the lung’s airways and is anti-asthmatic.

Finally, cordyceps increases red, white, platelet and lymph cell counts. Considering that Lyme and co-infections gobble up and destroy these cells, this is great news for the body.