Releasing Emotional Trauma With NET

The domain of healing emotional trauma resides not only in the brain, but in the body, also. That’s right; fixing emotional trauma isn’t just a cognitive endeavor; it’s physiological. And often, bugs aren’t the only thing breaking the body in Lyme disease. Sometimes, stored emotional garbage is, too.

While there exist a multitude of therapies designed to heal biochemical dysfunction caused by emotions, most of these focus upon cognitive approaches and attention to the mind. However, emotional trauma, in the presence of a neurological deficit or problem with the body’s meridians, or energy channels, can cause physiopathological-related problems in the body. Or, in short, the trauma causes indesirable patterns of mind-body behavior which are called neuro-emotional complexes. These complexes are often triggered under stressful circumstances, which creates an undesirable ritualistic response in the body/mind every time the stress is repeated.

Borrowing from a combination of multiple healing modalities, including chiropractic, muscle testing, acupuncture, homeopathy, psychology, and others, NET seeks to remove, via physical intervention, the neural-emotional complexes, or if you prefer, the dysfunctional mind-body patterns of behavior, that are stuck in the body.

Touch along key meridian points, manipulation and inquiries into a patient’s history of past trauma are all a part of this therapy, as is homeopathy. As I’ve not yet had the opportunity to undergo the protocol, I can’t say for certain how all of these disciplines work together and in what order. I surmise that the homeopathy is to help awaken the body to the changes it needs to make, while assisting in other ways with emotional detoxification, while the questioning, or psychological, aspect, is to inform the practitioner regarding the origins of potential NEC’s in the body.

But when it all comes together, the changes can be powerful, as reconditioning and release of unhealthy physiological processes takes place.
As an example, let’s say that every time you hear a door slam, your heart races because it reminds you of how, when you were a child, your uncle George used to slam doors before he entered your bedroom to smack you for fighting with your sister. NET effectively removes that trigger so that your heart ceases to pound every time the stressor rears its ugly head.

NET is useful for treating a myriad of disorders, including phobias, generalized anxiety, headaches, body aches, self-sabotaging behaviors, and organ dysfunctions.
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When I asked several practitioners in my hometown of Denver how much this therapy costs and how many sessions are generally needed, I was told that often, just one or two sessions is sufficient, and occasionally, a few more are warranted. And I don’t know whether that would apply to Lyme disease sufferers. Those with whom I spoke charged $150 and upwards for a session, so it isn’t pocket change. On the other hand, it may be a life-changing adjunct for the Lymie for whom emotional trauma comprises an important part of his/her illness, and hence worth the investment.