Helping Traffic On The Lymphatic Highway

Did you know that it is estimated that the body contains anywhere from 2-10 times more lymphatic fluid than blood? Yet unlike the blood, no organ keeps this fluid moving about the body.
For that reason, and especially in conditions of illness, the lymphatic system is prone to sluggishness and toxin traffic jams that prevent it from delivering fluids and nutrients to cells, and from picking up toxic waste, including harmful organisms, and shuttling these out of the cells to the lymph nodes in a timely manner.

But finding ways to clear up the traffic jam can have tremendous healing benefits for the body. One of the least expensive, and most efficient ways to do this is through dry skin brushing. I know, the idea sounded bizarre to me, at first, too. And after my first round with the vegetable fiber brush and a bright red skin rash later, I was ready to chuck the whole idea of brushing my skin. As if brushing my hair in the morning wasn’t enough of a chore, now I had to brush my body, too?

Fortunately, I didn’t toss the brush and now, not only have I become a believer in the benefits of body brushing, but my skin is actually learning to enjoy the routine for the most part. (It still pitches a fit and rashes up around my neckline but the rest of my flesh seems to enjoy it).

So what’s the big deal about body brushing? In addition to speeding up the delivery of nutrients to the cells, brushing accelerates the removal of toxins from these, which in turn helps to relieve the detoxification burden of the liver, kidneys, lungs and colon.

Brushing stimulates the nervous system and every organ, ligament, muscle and gland, benefits, as other systems, including the immune, operate more efficiently.
Blood circulation is likewise stimulated so that the skin becomes toned and tightened, and metabolism of over one hundred tissues is improved, with the result that mental and muscular fatigue are reduced.

In addition, by stimulating the lungs, circulation and increasing oxygen to the brain, brushing can relieve stress and improve mental functioning.

Finally, it reduces cellulite, which is a toxic material stored in the fat cells.

Dry skin brushes can be purchased at your local health food store, and vegetable fiber bristle brushes work best. Instructions for brushing can be found on the internet, and are important to know as the technique is designed to work in sync with the body’s natural energy pathways, or meridians.
But don’t worry, it is simple to do and after a week of practice, brushing can be accomplished in just five minutes a day.