Become Liberated From Pill Fatigue

Which supplements and medications should I take? Isn’t that the eternal Lyme question? So many factors to consider. Money. Bugs. Which broken parts of the body could use a bit more help.

I’m nearly three years into this journey and wondering about the positive effects of the pharmacy in my kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. I’ve spent thousands, stressed over pill-popping schedules, and become the champion of vitamin-supplement gobbling. I’m now ready to declare Pill Fatigue.

I’m sure some of this stuff has kept me functional, perhaps even alive. But separating the ones that have contributed to my well-being from those that have been sent straight to the other end of the digestive tract has been difficult to discern. Let’s see what I can get rid of. Do you want to play this game with me? Please, join in. Grab your pill bottles and have a seat beside me at the computer.

When it comes to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, I think I’ll give up on fixing the lack of every little B-this and B-that. Wondering about imbalances and spending month after month trying to fix each one is like a game where none of the pieces ever fit together properly. Give the body a little zinc and next thing you know, it needs iron, too.
From now on, (at least until I am snared into another theology), the body gets only a multi, fish oil and a bottle of trace minerals. Plus magnesium, because need for the latter is indisputable in Lyme. So what are you going to get rid of?

Then there are all the bug killers. It’s good to pick a protocol and stick with it for awhile, but when you get that nagging feeling like the herbal capsules or pharma-biotics are becoming a ritual that Spiro and Babs are getting accustomed to, it’s time to change.

As for me, I know my Borrelia pals have been hiding in wait. They have learned that andrographis has been patrolling my bloodstream for a long time and have wised up. So I guess it’s time to quit this herb for awhile, and also because discernment of my progress on other therapies, such as Immune Response Training ( and Rife is getting muddled by Mr. Andrew Graphis. I would advise you not to get caught in this same trap. If herbs are the cornerstone of your therapy, however, keep your regimen, and pray for strength against pill fatigue.

What about the other crutches needed for proper biochemical functioning? Such as hormones, immune boosters, and anti-coagulants? I have a tough time knowing what to chuck here because not having enough T3 hormone can be a BIG deal. But just how effective is that Transfer Factor?
Okay, so T3 wins, along with all the other supplements whose effects upon my body are measurable and concrete. (Sorry, TF, it’s time for a vacation in the pantry).

But maybe your battle is over something else. The adrenals, for example?
Does all that glandular stuff really help? What about licorice root tea instead? It would be cheaper and you’d get to eliminate another pill.
Go for it. When the effects are dubious or unknown, I say, stash the supplement and see if your body, in its soul of souls, can really, truly live without it.

Finally, there are the detoxers. Chlorella, cilantro, french green clay, liver and kidney cleansing herbal combinations…Why in the blessed name of Borrelia do I need all of these? It’s not like I’ve been in serious herx mode over the past five months. Sure, the more the merrier, but since the goal here is economy, it think it all needs to go, minus one key detoxifier; chlorella. I’ll clean my liver and kidneys with a proper vegetable diet.
If you feel toxic as a trash heap, however, don’t follow my lead. Your body may need more than one detoxifier.

Ah, how wonderful to be free of so many gelatin capsules! Now, I just hope my body will respond enthusiastically to my decision to be free of pill fatigue. I pray the same for you, and wish blessings upon your pocketbook in the meantime!