Oxygen For Life And Lyme

Borrelia and Oxygen are fierce enemies. Bb thrives at altitude and labors to deprive the body of oxygen so that it cannot effectively fight infection.

All biochemical processes depend upon oxygen for life, and two-thirds of the body’s oxygen consumption is used to produce energy for cells. Without this energy, cellular dysfunction occurs, resulting in a myriad of problems in the body.

Lyme-disease sufferers are known for being oxygen-starved, and this is part of the reason for fatigue and other symptoms. In the absence of oxygen, detoxification processes become inefficient, digestion is poor, white blood cell function is slowed, red blood cells clump together, and cellular metabolism becomes dysfunctional. And the list trails on into infinity…

So what can we do?
Most Lyme sufferers know about hyperbaric oxygen chambers and how these have aided some in their recovery. But who can afford a hyperbaric oxygen chamber? Not I. Fortunately, a few other options exist for increasing tissue oxygenation, all of which are less expensive than these chambers.

The simplest way is through exercise and deep breathing routines. Keeping stress to a minimum, ensuring an adequate intake of minerals, and eating balanced meals can also help, as overeating, stress, and mineral deficiencies increase the body’s need for oxygen to carry out its activities.

For a more powerful infusion, consider hydrogen peroxide in a 35 percent solution (and not the 3% garbage you get at your local pharmacy, which is loaded with metals and harmful fillers). 35% H2O2 contains healing oxygen that oxidizes toxins and increases the production of enzymes that participate in detoxification reactions. Further, H2O2 is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-parasitical and so on, and hence helps to kill a number of infections.
H2O2 must be diluted and can be taken as a beverage with distilled water, fruit juice or milk. It can also be used as a body spray and mouth rinse, using distilled water.

Finally, if you have a few more dollars, consider obtaining an ozone generator as another potent source of oxygen. Ozone is often used topically or as a rectal infusion, and an ozone bath is thought to provide as much benefit as hyperbaric oxygen, without the cost.