Mucuna Bean Powder For Bartonella

My autonomic nervous system gave my LLMD a strange piece of wisdom the other day. At least, it was strange because neither of us was sure why my body was requesting it.

The ANS asked for mucuna bean powder to treat Bartonella in my gut. Mucuna is a toxin-binding agent, so pehaps one of the reasons it’s beneficial for Bartonella is to clean up any toxin mess these bugs leave behind as they die.

But that seems too simplistic to me.
Or perhaps it’s because mucuna also increases dopamine levels, which enables the central nervous system to function more efficiently? Among its actions on the body, dopamine aids the “pleasure system” of the brain, assists with ANS functions such as blood pressure, increases HGH (human growth hormone), DHEA, as well as helps cognition and memory. Its purposes are numerous.

Certainly the effects of having enough dopamine can positively impact the immune system, as the CNS functions more efficiently.
But what’s the direct correlation? I don’t know.

Mucuna Bean Powder for Bartonella….Hmmm…Does anyone have any thoughts?