Heavy Metals and Miracle Minerals

Heavy metals are thieves. They “steal” the receptor sites on cells normally reserved for nourishing minerals. Wherever the body is deficient in minerals, receptor sites hold up Vacancy signs, as heavy metals become opportunists and attempt to move in on these sites…Once they bind to them, they are a nuisance to get rid of.

As Lyme disease sufferers, our bodies are hit with a triple whammy. A weakened immune system means that we can’t chelate heavy metals out of the body as effectively as a healthy person can, and further, it is rumored that Borrelia likes to sequester metals for its survival. Then, to make matters worse, the bugs gobble up our mineral reserves and mess with our metabolism so that nutrients don’t reach the body, which means more mineral receptor sites are left wide open for metals to attach to.

How do we remedy this? Besides an aggressive chelation protocol, we gotta chug minerals, minerals and more minerals! And not just the macrominerals, such as magnesium and potassium, but the seventy or so trace minerals found in our bodies. This can be accomplished with regular dosing, that is, two or more times a day, of the macros plus a good quality trace mineral complex product. I personally feel that as Lyme sufferers, doses larger than those recommended on the labels may be necessary. I do a double dose of Concentrace, for instance, a wonderful trace mineral product suggested for use as part of the salt/C Lyme protocol.
But trust your God-given intuition or get a good hair analysis test to determine just how lacking you are in minerals, keeping in mind the limitations of hair analysis testing.

Keeping an adequate supply of minerals in the body not only ensures that the immune system and body will have the resources they need to function and fight Lyme, but also discourages and displaces heavy metals from binding to sites that are rightfully reserved for these precious minerals.