Detoxing With Saunas

When it comes to eliminating neurotoxins and biotoxins from the body, the liver is assigned the brunt of the detoxification process before the toxins receive their discharge papers and can make their way out of the body through the colon. Sure, the other organs are involved, but in comparison to the liver, their burden is relatively light.

It doesn’t seem fair that one little organ should be responsible for processing the plethora of pathogen and other environmental garbage that Lyme generates. Its job can certainly be made easier by offering it supports, such as milk thistle, beet-cucumber-carrot concoctions, and coffee enemas. But what about removing some of its workload? Is it possible to do this without halting Lyme treatments?

The answer is yes. According to B. Rosner, author of The Top Ten Lyme Disease Treatments (, the only other way that fat-soluble (which is what most Lyme toxins are) can leave the body, without having to go through the liver, is to pass through the skin. What about the kidneys? You ask. The kidneys aid in detoxifying water-soluble toxins, but unfortunately, Lyme toxins usually fall into the fat-soluble category.

Hence the skin, and unless you plan on living in a sweltering climate for a long time, getting the garbage out via this large organ is best achieved with the help of a sauna.

Contrary to the belief of some, acquiring a sauna doesn’t have to be expensive. Little canvas ones can be purchased on E-Bay for around $100, or you can join your local gym and use the sauna there. Infrared saunas heat the body’s core better than most gym saunas, however, and are easier on the cardiovascular system than traditional saunas.

It is thought that up to 30% of the body’s neuro and biotoxins can be eliminated via the skin, and hence this remains an important detox option for Lyme sufferers. Further, choosing to use sauna therapy on a regular basis will give your liver a much-needed break by transferring some of its detox workload to the skin. In turn, your liver will thank you by functioning better which results in overall improvements to your symptom picture.