Immune Response Therapy

Most Lyme remedies focus on compensating for what the body cannot do. You ingest herbs to kill spirochetes, you take Armour to treat the thyroid, you pop an anti-depressant to restore proper brain function. Fortunately, healing Lyme doesn’t have to be about putting band-aids on dysfunctions, and introducing bug killers into the body because your immune army can’t do the job itself. Instead, you can give your immune system the arsenal it needs to fight Lyme and co-infections, by teaching it to alter cellular behavior and recognize pathogens through a technique called Immune Response Therapy.

By reading a set of codes which serve as “instructions” for the immune system, and then listening to a CD which inputs these codes into the body via the autonomic nervous system, the immune system is taught to respond appropriately to disease in the body. It’s like taking the brain and immune system to school, to show them how to work and behave as God intended. It’s based upon the premise that if you give the body the right training, it will do what it’s supposed to and effectively fight illness on its own. Our bodies have amazing capabilities and we need only to tap into that.

Gary Blier of Allergy Alternatives, RI, ( the founder of Immune Response Therapy has used this modality to heal many Lyme sufferers, claiming a 90% success rate with his clients within the first three sessions. Sound too good to be true? See for yourself. AA provides a money-back guarantee for Lyme sufferers if, after three sessions, you don’t notice any change in symptoms.