Cleansing The Liver With Beets And Coffee

Okay, so you don’t do coffee…coffee enemas, that is.
Would you change your mind if I told you that you could get a whole lotta stones and gunk out of your liver with just a few Colombian beans, a carrot, cucumber and a couple of beets?
I know, it’s no fun learning how to work with that rubber hose and hot water bottle (plus all the questions from family members who wonder why you are taking that pot of coffee to the bathroom), but hey, isn’t a squeaky clean liver worth it?
(You’re fooling yourself if you think your liver isn’t loaded with stones…the liver is where gall stones come from, BTW, and you might not need surgery if you have stones….really, truly…)

Anyway, so here it is.
Eat or juice a couple of beets, a carrot and cucumber approximately two hours prior to the enema. Take some lemon juice and olive oil for greater effect. Don’t eat other foods as this will diminish the effects of the process.
Brew the coffee. Use fresh organic coffee and filtered water. (And don’t take it while hot! Add a half cup to one cup of cool water for every hot cup of brewed coffee).
Lay on your back and flush the colon with water first. Then lay on your back and drain the coffee into the colon, retaining it for ten minutes.
If you don’t hear much activity down in your gut, try using more coffee in the brew. I use two to three tbsp per cup, but for some, this may be too much.

In any case, stay near your best friend john for awhile after the enema…

You should feel lighter and even more energetic after this cleanse. For best results, do at least twice weekly.