The Blessings Of The Sofa Spud Life

If you can’t work because of chronic illness, but aren’t bed-bound, either, you sure do have some things to be thankful for. Though I typically write with a cynical slant, I thought I’d bind and gag it for a day and try for some happy fluff for a change.

Ten Reasons Why It’s Good To Be A Professional Sofa Spud (Or Armchair Artichoke…as they don’t move much, either).

1) The sofa (or chair) sure is a comfier place to spend the day than some vinyl office chair. Plus you get a view of the living room or bedroom, instead of boring, in-your-face cubicle walls.

2) You can take as many potty breaks as you like without a boss being around to lift an eyebrow. You can even eat at your soft station.

3) You can read and write at your leisure. Whatever you want. Oprah, health books, a John Grisham novel…Instead of some boring training manual, sales plan or complaint letter from a client…

4) You can eat healthy, homemade food everyday, instead of expensive, processed fast food, which your body rejects anyway

5) You don’t have to get up at the crack of sunlight, shower, spend 45 minutes on a make-up job and battle an hour of rush hour. No, get up and make it to the sofa at your leisure. Spend the day in your jammies, if you wish. And forget wasting 45 minutes on your face.

6)You can have a pleasant conversation with friends, instead of spewing a stressful sales pitch to a potential customer.

7)You can go to the gym and grocery store when nobody else is there. No long lines, no parking problems.

8)You can work on all those quiet little hobbies you never had time for before, or all those little mental problems you ignored for so many years. There’s no busyness of a day job to distract you from your mind anymore. (Trust me, that’s a good thing…)

9)You can talk to your furry friends, (if you don’t have one, go get one, as they are pretty easy to come by) instead of listening to the gossip of co-workers.

10)You can work on your goal of total health. Take advantage of it, for you may not have this opportunity ever again!