When Sickness Is Caused by Demonic Affliction…and How You Can Be Free From It!



Did you know that not all illness is caused by infections or toxins? As Jesus Christ proved in the Bible, some diseases are caused by demonic spirits. Some people become afraid by any mention of the demonic- but God has given us tools, power and authority over evil spirits because of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross. Come learn how you can harness that power and walk in a new level of freedom. If medicine and counseling have failed you, this webinar may especially be for you. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The Biblical basis for demons and evil spirits causing illness
  • How spirits cause disease
  • How to identify whether your symptoms are caused mostly by physical causes or spiritual ones
  • The relationship between soul wounds, generational curses and demonic affliction
  • How to get free from affliction by evil spirits and stay free with the Armor of God