When I got sick from Lyme disease in 2004, God told me, "I want you to write." Little did I know then that I was about to become a full-time medical researcher and that over the next 12 years, and even as I suffered through my own symptoms, I would write 9 books that would help thousands of people to heal from chronic Lyme disease, cancer, and other related illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome and environmental illness. My personal battle with illness, as well as what I have learned from my research and over a decade of interviewing dozens of the best medical doctors in the world, have allowed me to produce books that provide cutting-edge solutions and hope to those who once had none. While the focus of these books is upon healing the body with natural and integrative medicine, I also share solutions for healing the soul and spirit in my book, Healing Chronic Illness, as well as in my blogs and articles. In addition, I am a writer and podcast interviewer for the Alternative Cancer Research Institute, a leading online publication dedicated to sharing alternative and natural cancer solutions that work.


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