Maureen C.

"When I first called in to Connie’s prayer conference call I was completely homebound due to a loved one’s severe chronic Lyme Disease. I had just turned to Jesus in a big way but I was unable to attend church. A number of friends had advised me to get spiritual help and backup from other believers. But when you can’t leave the house that’s pretty hard to do.

So it was just me, at home, crying out to Jesus for help and asking the Holy Spirit to please send some reinforcements. That’s when I found out about Connie’s prayer calls. What a Godsend. Connie’s soothing manner, her strong faith in God and her deep understanding of Lyme Disease make her an oasis of comfort for those suffering. I’ve learned a lot about how to pray and be patient from her example.

I don’t have a miracle healing testimony to tell about my ill loved one just yet. But I’m grateful to God for Connie’s ministry of reaching out to the lost, lonely and medically forsaken Lyme victims. She embodies Jesus’ commandment to “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

And to witness someone like Connie acting as a true disciple in today’s world is perhaps the greatest miracle."

- Maureen C. 

Tracey P

"I have had back problems since I was 18 years old (I'm now 49) and my back randomly "goes out" on me. I sometimes would have pain that would last hours, days, weeks and months but I could always make it to a doctor or my chiropractor within a day for some relief. One night, I felt my back twinge as I bent over to put clothes in my dryer, so I knew I had to be extra careful to prevent it from turning into a problem. The next morning I woke up in horrific pain. It was unlike any pain I'd ever had before. My entire right side felt as if all my muscles had been torn in half and I could barely make it the ten steps to the bathroom. I could hardly hold up my body and the pain was excruciating with every step, every movement, every breath I took. My family doctor called in 800mg of Motrin and a muscle relaxant and I had Percocet from a previous back episode. I was taking all three of these (as prescribed) and it was barely helping. I couldn't get to the chiropractor. I was helpless and in so much pain. 

On day three, Connie happened to be holding a prayer conference call. I prayed about it and heard I should I did. I waited for somewhere like 1 1/2-2 hours as others were prayed for and during this time I was in so much pain I almost hung up quite a few times. It was late in my time zone- almost midnight- when I spoke up and Connie listened as I explained my dilemma. Connie, Bill and another prayer warrior prayed for me. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit flow over me. After I hung up, the pain was still at extremely high levels, but sleep finally came over me. When I woke up the next pain was down to very little! I could walk to the bathroom, downstairs, and move only with mild discomfort. All the glory to goes to God! He was so great to deliver me from my pain through Connie and Bill. It was so incredibly amazing! He is so good! He works through others and Connie is definitely anointed in the healing realm. 

Connie's prayer conference was such a blessing! I'm so happy I listened to God and waited for my turn rather than hang up. He is always full of grace, mercy and blessings."

-Tracey P.

Danielle De Luca

"Connie has been an inspiration to me for several years now. She's a strong, brave warrior and her battle and recovery from Lyme disease and co-infections have also greatly inspired me. She's been an advocate for me and so many others. She has been a light of hope in a world of darkness and pain. She has a kind, generous and compassionate heart and spirit and I am blessed and honored to know her.
I started calling in to Connie's prayer calls a couple of years ago. At that time, I would just cry and stay silent and listen to her pray for countless people who were sick and suffering on the call. And she still does these prayer calls, which last over 3 hours sometimes! And she does this out of the goodness of her heart. She has helped so many people and I am one of them. Connie's prayers are so powerful and her ability to call on the Holy Spirit and the presence of the Lord on behalf of many sick and suffering people, is truly a gift from God. I have also made some best friends on these calls; people who have become my family.
I've also been blessed tremendously by Connie's teaching webinars! She puts so much thought and time into them and they truly are essential guides for life! Her teachings on how to overcome spiritual warfare and how to have authority in Jesus Christ are crucial for all of us. She is blessed with the ability to understand others' pain and takes the time to listen, and that alone has had a huge healing effect on me. 
I would love to see Connie holding in-person prayer conferences! I trust her with my life and I mean that sincerely. I look up to her and I'm so grateful that she is my sister in Christ. She has prayed for me one on one as well and has made time for me in times when she's already had her plate full with endless work loads. I have been blessed by Connie and so have countless others. Thank you so much dear Connie for all that you are and everything that you do. So grateful to God for you. I love you!"

-Danielle D.,
New York, NY

Suzanne S.

"Shocked…dumbfounded…despairing…hopeless…these are the words best describing where I was emotionally less than a year ago (in 2014) when I received an unexpected medical diagnosis of cervical cancer one month before my daughter was to be wed. 
I had been battling severe HPV for almost 2 years, which was being treated aggressively by my gynecologist, to no avail. Though everything in the natural was being done the precancerous lesions continued multiplying and becoming more stubborn. 
After scheduling an appointment with a premier GynecologicOncologist, I contacted my friends Bill and Connie to ask for prayer and recommendations of Naturopathic doctors in my area. We met the next day for lunch and they asked if they could pray for me. I absolutely accepted, already having an immense faith in God’s ability to supernaturally heal me. 
As soon as we began praying Connie placed her hand over my lower abdomen. As soon as she touched me I felt a strong power surge through my body and was knocked back in my chair. I went under the power of the HolySpirit for a few minutes while they continued praying. When I came to I shared what had taken place. Bill stated that God had told him, “It is done!” 
I walked away with much hope of a good report the next day, which is exactly what I received. The oncologist told me that I did NOT have cancer. He could see that’s what my previous labs stated, but he saw no signs of cancer whatsoever! Praise the Lord! After a minor procedure the following month to take care of some minor lesions, he did a pap smear which confirmed that not only was there was no cancer, but there was no more HPV!!! God healed me completely and wholly from a disease that supposedly you never get rid of once contracted AND from a very deadly disease striving to snuff out my life! I amforever grateful for Connie’s faithfulness. She is a beautifully gracious woman and instrument of God’s healing mercy."

-Suzanne S.

Kristin Z

"Connie is an amazing combination of medical researcher/author and spiritual seeker. She is someone who, having had her career taken from her by Lyme disease, turned that negative into a massive positive, learning all she could, writing what she learned, and making life better for thousands of others. She does the same in her quest to understand God and give others comfort, especially those struggling with chronic illness. She has helped so many become stronger in their understanding of how to win the battle against Lyme, but even more importantly to feel the love of God. I have learned a lot about Lyme - and love - from Connie, and am grateful to her for what she has contributed to my life."  

-Kristin Z., Jamestown, RI 

Bob S

"It's always such a delight for me to tell my testimony, and I do it whenever possible, so that people know how good God is, and that His will is to heal everyone. In 2007, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and I was so down because I was so ill. I sought treatment from medical doctors, naturopaths, Chinese medical doctors and even oncologists. By 2010, I was very sick and expecting to die soon. I went to Costa Rica to be alone because I was so depressed. Around that time, I called in to Connie's prayer conference line because I had been reading up on healing prayer and did believe it was God's will to heal. Connie prayed for me during the call and I remember that she had words of knowledge about me. She spoke things that she didn’t know about me. I got very emotional as a result, and felt tingling in my skin, and it was like my hair was standing up on end! At that moment, I was sure I was healed, because I felt different. In the days that followed, my energy came back and I was different. Greatly encouraged, I went to my naturopathic doctor and had my blood sent for testing to confirm (that I had been healed). The test came back negative for Lyme disease. It has been 4 years since I received that prayer and my health is awesome! Gradually, all of the damage from Lyme disease was healed. I have no ailments, take no medications, and see no doctors. Thank you so much for being available to be used by God for my healing, Connie! I owe my life to God and now always look for ways to help Him."

-Bob S., Yakima, WA