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God longs to be in intimate relationship with all of us. He desires for us to be happy and whole, functioning in the fullness of who He's created us to be, but sometimes we need tools that can help us to get there. For instance, God's desire is for all of us to be healed, but hindrances such as unforgiveness, toxic food, unhealthy environments or demonic oppression, can keep us from receiving that healing. Or rigid, rules-based religious doctrines can keep us from knowing Him and understanding how to have a full relationship with Him, even though our minds, but not our hearts, may know that He loves us. Thankfully, He has enabled us, through of the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross (and not our own merits!) to come to Him, just as we are, warts and all. Twelve years of walking with God through the wilderness of chronic illness have taught me many valuable lessons about how to have relationship with Him, and how to receive His healing- in spirit, mind and body. Through my webinars, blogs, interviews, and in-person meetings, I share what I have learned, in the hopes that others will also receive the fullness of His healing, using tools in the natural, as well as supernatural realm.


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