Beyond Lyme Disease

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Beyond Lyme Disease


Many things make people with Lyme disease sick, besides infections. If you've used antibiotics and herbs, tested for all of the co-infections, seen many Lyme doctors, and are still not well, maybe it's time to look Beyond Lyme Disease. Mold, dental infections, trauma, hormonal imbalances, and toxins- just to name a few- are other factors that make people  with Lyme sick. You can learn about these factors, and more, in this groundbreaking work- and discover what to do to get well, once and for all! 

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Beyond Lyme Disease not only serves as a roadmap for the patient with Lyme disease, but could also be a standalone book on integrative medicine. Connie Strasheim’s knowledge of the subject is quite extensive, both as an author and fellow survivor of Lyme disease. I believe that patients who have access to this book will be so much better informed and will better understand the rationale behind their different treatment options, which will in turn facilitate the job of healing for both them and their doctors.
— Steven Brock, MD 
Rhinebeck Health Center

In This Book

Chronic Lyme disease is an incredibly complex and difficult-to-treat disease, and often, people fail to get better, even after several years of antibiotic therapy. If this is you, consider that tick and other insect-borne Lyme-related infections may not be the only cause of your symptoms. Your immune system may be hamstrung by other factors such as environmental toxins, mold, dental problems, parasites, adrenal fatigue and a bad diet.   Sometimes, these factors play an even bigger role in the disease than the infections, but unless you and your doctor know this, you can spend years “chasing the bugs”- only to make modest gains in your recovery. 

This was the case with me. I spent years treating infections, only to feel no better than the day when I had first started. But when I learned about and began to address the other factors that were making me ill, the antimicrobial therapies that I had used to treat Lyme were suddenly more effective at helping me to recover!

In Beyond Lyme Disease, I share common factors that make people with Lyme sick besides infections. These are based on my personal experience and that of the many Lyme-literate doctors that I have interviewed over the past 10 years.  When you remove all the causes of disease, your immune system has the best chance of helping you to heal. You can put out the “fire” of infection, but you must rebuild the house that is your body and remove the factors that allowed the fire to get started in the first place.  Beyond Lyme Disease will show you just how to do that!

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