I am knowledgeable about both natural, holistic medicine and supernatural healing through Jesus Christ, and am able to effectively integrate and share wisdom about the two in a way that doesn't negate the value or role of either in healing ministry. Because of this, people often attain a deeper level of healing and wholeness than they might have achieved though either type of ministry alone, so my ministry uniquely provides solutions from both a natural and supernatural perspective.  

Also, my story of overcoming chronic Lyme disease has often inspired and brought hope and healing to others and helped them to know the love of God for themselves. Further, I have a powerful gift of healing impartation and I often follow up my speaking engagements and in-house prayer meetings with an invitation for others to receive a hands-on healing touch from God, and He often works miracles through me in these meetings. 

My public speaking experiences include: two television interviews (one conducted in Spanish, which is my second language), many dozens of radio and podcast interviews; occasional speaking engagements at conferences, health food stores and churches (see links to two recorded interviews), webinars, and prayer conference call meetings.

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