In His Presence

In His Presence

In His Presence

Written by Bill Gonseaux

In a series of short stories, Bill captures the essence of God in everyday life.  Life can be challenging and difficult, and we often ask, “God where are you?” Through these stories Bill shows the hand of God at work in our lives even when we think we have been deserted.  Some of the topics Bill explores:

  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your life played back to you in living color and to have to stand trial for that life?

  • Threatened with a terminal illness, what would you do?

  • Have you ever gone astray from God and then wandered back to Him? Meet the man who lost his inheritance and returned home only to find a huge blessing awaited him.

  • Do you feel unworthy of God’s love? Do you struggle to obey and follow Him? Meet the love of the Lord who can move you past your pride and problems.

  • Have you lived a life in the muck and mire? Do you think that you’re not good enough? To Jesus you are!

  • Awaken to the newness of life.

Bill explores these and many other topics in this book of inspirational short stories and poems.  Come and explore the depths of life and relationship with God­­.