While at a medical conference in 2008, when I realized that not everyone I knew with Lyme disease would be made well with medicine, God showed me that He doesn't just heal through medicine, but also supernaturally. What's more, His desire is for everyone to be made whole- in body, mind and spirit, and He is willing and able to heal all who come to Him! When Jesus Christ died on the Cross, He made an atoning sacrifice that was sufficient to cover humanity's every sin, soul sickness and disease. In the Bible, He said, "the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well" (James 5:15, NIV) so my greatest passion has become to share the love of Father God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit with others through prophetic healing prayer, in which God shares His heart and heals others through me. Over the past five years, I have maintained a nationwide prayer conference call group, for those who are too sick to leave home to receive prayer elsewhere, and have witnessed many people healed, uplifted, encouraged and strengthened as a result of this ministry. In addition, I conduct one-on-one healing prayer sessions, over the phone as well as in person (by appointment only), and regularly travel overseas to bring hope, healing and the love of God to those in other nations.


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Recent Testimonies of Healings