Rob Brendle - Healing Chronic Illness

"With candor, clarity, and compassion, Connie Strasheim hits two of the fuzziest subjects that I know of head-on: mystery illnesses and faith healing. She slices into the vagaries of both of these discussions with refreshing matter-of-factness, as she skillfully dissects the conventional wisdom, and offers balanced, practical guidance for the chronically ill. Deeply informative and filled with sincere faith, her insights will give hope to many who desperately need it."

—Rob Brendle
Senior Pastor, 
Denver United Church
Author of In The Meantime: The Practice of Proactive Waiting

Joan Hunter - Healing Chronic Illness

"This book is a thoughtful and articulate treatment of the many issues and problems involved in the ministry of healing. It supplies answers to many of the intellectual hurdles and objections to healing, and provides a roadmap for walking in divine health. Divine health or wellness is a lifestyle that has both natural and spiritual elements, and this book addresses each aspect and shows how they interrelate with each other. If you practice the truths found in this book you will experience a greater level of faith in God to heal and have the knowledge you need to stay well. You too can be both healed and whole!"

- Joan Hunter
President and Founder
Joan Hunter Ministries
4 Corners Foundation, Hearts for Him

Jane Oelke - BioEnergetic Tools

"Dr. Lee Cowden is well respected in the integrative medicine field, especially for bringing together successful treatment protocols for people with difficult health issues. In Bioenergetic Tools for Wellness, he and Connie Strasheim demonstrate the health benefits of using a wide variety of bioenergetic therapies that are effective for supporting the healing of common ailments. This is a great resource for people looking for solutions in bioenergetic medicine.”

-Jane Oelke, ND, PhD
Founder of Natural Choices, Inc. and Author of Natural Choices for Fibromyalgia and Natural Choices for Attention Deficit Disorder

Sherry Rodgers - Toxic Free

"Create a Toxin-Free Body and Home...Starting Today will help readers to understand that they alone have the power to reverse and prevent toxicity-related illness, and gain the necessary knowledge that will enable them to become too smart to fail in their quest for wellness." 

—Sherry Rogers, MD, 
Best Selling Author of How to Cure Diabetes and Detoxify or Die