Don't Try This At Home...

Okay, so I didn't know much about Lyme disease and ticks when I let this cute little deer in Colombia kiss me five years ago. Seriously. But now I wonder; is that innocent animal part of the reason why I now have Lyme disease? Could be, but my gut feeling is that I probably contracted Lyme while living in New York ten years ago, or camping in Colorado as a child. On the other hand, I don't know how prevalent Lyme disease is in Colombia, and perhaps I contracted another infection in South America. Anyway, the moral of this story is: Be careful when allowing animals to lick you! Not that most people keep deer for pets, but a lot of us have cats and dogs. Dr. Schaller believes that most cats carry bartonella, so be aware of the potential risk in owning a cat. The same goes for dogs, who play in the grass and spend time outside. I know, I love animals too, but you must be cautious and judicious if you decide to own an animal. Your health may be at risk if you aren't careful. In the meantime, don't kiss any deer!

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