No More Lyme and Co-Infections!

On September 26, 2004, I became completely disabled by a chronic illness, which, approximately one year later, I discovered was Lyme disease. I have spent the past six years of my life trying to recover from this insidious disease and a plethora of infections, that only some seem to be able to completely eradicate or bring under control, after years of treatments and thousands of dollars spent on drugs, herbs, and a million supplements to support the body in its journey back to health.

I have battled over ten major tick-borne infections, including borrelia, six strains of babesia, another co-infection called bartonella and a host of other opportunistic infections such as candida.

Today, six years, three months, and five days after my initial “crash”, my doctor declared me to be free of the final, and most difficult to eradicate infection-babesia.

Is it any coincidence that this would happen the day after the release of my new book, in which I contend that God is willing and able to heal humanity, both with medicine and supernaturally, if we just believe in Him, against all odds?

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I wrote the book while still very sick, which required me to take a difficult, but very important, leap of faith, because God asked me to believe before I would see. The world functions in reverse; mostly, we need to see before we will believe, but God challenged me to do the opposite, even while every symptom in my body and years of intense suffering conspired against me believing in this truth.

I still have work to do to heal from the damage that Lyme and its co-infections have caused my body, as Lyme has ravaged its every system and organ. But over the past few months, life has started to feel normal again. I can work full days and go weeks without having a really bad day. Then again, don’t “healthy” people even have bad days? I guess I don’t know what “normal” is supposed to feel like anymore, but the insidious fatigue, depression, anxiety, brain fog, insomnia, and other problems that used to assault me on a daily basis have become mild and tolerable as of late.

I believe God will finish the job and heal my organs. But I must keep believing, as I have fought to do this entire year….because He asks that we believe, in order to receive. Against all odds. But it will be easier now, because my immune system won’t be fighting an onslaught of pathogenic garbage anymore. Praise God!

I wouldn’t wish Lyme disease on my worst enemy, but now I see His purposes in having allowed me to go through six years of hell.

May this story encourage you as you believe Him to restore all things that are broken in your life! He loves us and will work with us towards wellness, if only we have the courage to believe.

Have a blessed day!