Prayer Requests for Meeting on June 9th

I have compiled a list of people who are interested in receiving or participating in the prayer conference call meetings that I have set up. The first meeting will be June 9th (more information on this meeting and how to attend can be found in my May 24th blog post) I have recorded the names of 60 people who emailed me in April, expressing their interest in the meetings, but I don’t have their specific prayer needs written down. I will be saying a general prayer for healing from Lyme and the conditions that it causes, as well as for emotional and financial provision, but if you are one of the 60 people who emailed me in April and you wish to receive prayer for a specific problem, please email me again at: Also, if you are planning to attend the first meeting on June 9th, please confirm your attendance with me at that email address.

Thank you! I look forward to seeing what God is going to do with this time. Expect God to provide for you in new and unexpected ways. Expect healing miracles. Expect Him to show you new paths to wellness. Expect Him to put people and situations in your life that will help and encourage you in your healing journey. Expect Him to give you discernment and guidance, peace, and most of all, a deeper revelation of His love for you!

In the meantime, I encourage you to read Christ The Healer by FF Bosworth or Healing, by Francis McNutt. Both share God’s will for healing, according to the Bible, and provide evidence that God actively works to heal people today, both supernaturally and in the natural realm. I especially like Francis McNutt’s book, because he humbly describes the different ways in which God can heal. Also, as a man who has been used by God to heal thousands worldwide, he provides an informed, comprehensive, open-minded view on the subject. One thing which struck me in this book was his affirmation that not all miracles are instantaneous. He has observed that in chronic or complicated cases of illness, the miracle sometimes happens over time (but yet much faster than if a person wasn’t praying and using only medicine). I think this is encouraging for those who have attended healing services and not received instantaneous healing in their bodies. For instance, God touched me at a healing service in January, but I didn’t know at the time that He had started a healing process in my body. A couple of weeks later, however, I noticed that my digestion was improving, and since then, I have had no digestive problems whatsoever! So reading these books can be an encouragement to better prepare you to receive what God has for you in these meetings.