For People In Denver With Lyme Disease

Just a quick blurb to let you all know that the fabulous Lyme disease documentary, Under Our Skin, will be showing in Denver at the Denver Starz FilmCenter on November 6-8th. It’s about time that Lyme got some press in Denver!
I will be there, either as an attendee or as part of a panel of Lyme disease experts, so if you have questions about Lyme, come track me down!

Also, on October 17th at 2:00 PM, I will be leading an interactive discussion on how family and friends can support those with Lyme disease. This discussion is based on information from my first book, “The Lyme Disease Survival Guide: Physical, Lifestyle and Emotional Strategies for Healing” and will take place at the Aurora Public Library (Central location).

So if you live in Denver and want to learn more about Lyme, I encourage you to attend either one of these events! More to come….