Insights Into Lyme Disease Treatment…Thirteen Lyme-Literate Health Care Practitioners Share Their Healing Strategies

Well, it’s time to share the secret; the project that I have been working on over the past seven months and the reason why I have been moderately absent from this blog.

This thing was huge. Immense. It wasn’t something that I was sure I could pull off. I didn’t know whether the doctors would be interested. After all, treating Lyme disease is a political minefield for practitioners, and I wasn’t sure anyone would want to go public with their information, much less take the time to share that information.

But I got the secrets. I got the information that I wish that I had had five years ago when I started researching this thing and treating myself for Lyme disease.

And now I’m about to share that information with you in a new book called “Insights Into Lyme Disease Treatment”. Contained within this book are the protocols of thirteen Lyme-literate health care practitioners. The opinions of eight physicians, three naturopathic doctors, a nurse practitioner, and one chiropractor and nutritionist, all experienced in treating Lyme disease, and who employ a holistic, complementary approach to healing, are represented.

But this book is about more than just treatment protocols.

When I set out to write it, I was looking for answers to the deeper questions about healing. I wanted to know who are those that heal from chronic illness involving Lyme disease, and who are those that don’t? After all, it seems that some people in the Lyme disease community experience a greater measure of healing than others, and we don’t always know why. I also wanted to know what factors influence healing, and what treatments work, based on the experiences of those who have treated hundreds or thousands of people.

I sought out answers to questions that could only be answered by getting into the heads of those who have been treating this disease for a long time and who have seen a multitude of patients come and go. Questions that manifest as a vague type of wondering among the sick, but which people don’t seem to get solid answers to because their experience is limited to a handful of others that they know of who were or weren’t healed by therapy X, Y or Z.

Besides, this isn’t a disease that any practitioner has mastered, so I figured, the more educated opinions that I could get on the subject, the merrier and more informed that the Lyme disease community would be.

Despite being an avid researcher myself, I learned a multitude of new things in the writing of this book. In my two-hour long interview with each practitioner, I asked them not only about their approach to killing bugs, but what strategies they use to heal and support their patients’ bodies. I asked them to share with me their dietary, lifestyle and emotional recommendations for healing, and much more.

I also asked them analytical questions such as; Is chronic fatigue syndrome always Lyme disease? Are the bugs always primary in the overall symptom picture? How much of a person’s symptoms are due to damage that the bugs have done to the body, and how much to the bugs, or infections, themselves? Why do some people gain weight, and others lose weight, when they get Lyme disease?

Finally, I wanted them to tell me how friends and family can help those with Lyme disease. I put the answers to this question as a final section at the end of each chapter, with the hope that loved ones who want to receive the truth about what Lyme sufferers go through will have their eyes and hearts opened by this information, so that they can better support their sick friends and/or family members.

The backgrounds of the practitioners who participated in this book are broad and varied, but all take a comprehensive approach to healing, and most employ healing strategies that are found in alternative, complementary, traditional, and naturopathic medicine. (As well as others!). And each practitioner contributed something unique to the book. No two chapters are alike.

Antimicrobial approaches to treatment that are discussed in the book include antibiotics, herbs, plant stem cells, biophotons (a type of energy), and homeopathy. The list of adjunct treatments is just as long and varied.

So when will this book be released? Soon. Maybe sometime in early September, although my publisher has been telling me to spread the word that it’s going to be in October, just in case there are any publishing snags along the way! You can purchase it right here on my blog, as well as in a variety of other places, including, and

May this work bless you all in your journey towards health! I know that it has blessed mine.