10 Simple Ways to Drastically Improve Your Health

So let’s say you are one of those people who just can’t take ten thousand vitamins and undergo lots of therapy for your health. Well, here’s a short n’ sweet list of relatively simple, inexpensive ways to drastically improve your well-being, without pain, lots of money or negative side effects!

1) Take a coffee enema–It’s hugely important to keep your liver clean, especially if you are processing lots of Lyme and other toxin die-off. This is a simple, cheap way to do that, and only takes a half hour, twice a week or so. For a super cleanse, have some beets, a carrot and cucumber two hours before the enema. Adding these vegetables will push stones out of your liver!

2) Take a walk- One of the best exercizes there is. Is easy on the body, you can control the pace, and doing it outside in nature with some fresh air to boot is good for the body and soul.

3) Don’t drink tap water, but drink lots of fresh, filtered water–Nearly everywhere in the United States, water isn’t safe to drink. Loaded with pathogens and heavy metals, not to mention fluoride and chlorine that is supposed to “clean” the water but which really tear up your DNA, tap water can have detrimental effects on your health. Choose a high-quality filter instead and drink 8-12 glasses of pure H20.

4) Stop eating bread-Gluten is bad news for most of us, and especially the chronically ill. Removing bread from the diet can result in profound effects on mood, energy and digestion.

5) Take chlorella–Whether or not you are sick, it is a good idea to detox the body from pollutants from the environment on a daily basis. Chlorella is a good choice for its effectiveness and nutritional value. Make sure you get it from a pure source, however, such as E-Lyte, Biopure, or Mountain Rose Herbs.

6) Watch a funny movie- Laughter produces endorphins, which have beneficial effects on the body. Doing things that make you happy is the most potent medicine in the world.

7) Pray-Time spent in contemplation and conversation with God gives us focus, purpose, direction, comfort, peace and encouragement. Communion with our creator is just what we were created for!

8) Give up coffee and sugar-Yeah, so you thought I was only going to mention bread, huh?
Okay, so this isn’t the easiest medicine to take but if you can do it, you will reap huge benefits in terms of overall health. Coffee and sugar are poison to the body. Sure, go ahead and have a cheat every now and again, but remember, every time you have some sugar, (I mean table sugar here, or sucrose) immune function is temporarily reduced by as much as 75%. Caffeine has a similar effect.

9) Eat more vegetables- You always hear this one, but it’s a biggie. Vegetables are THE healthiest thing you can eat. Choose dark green ones first, the starchy ones like squash and potato, last.

10) Serve others-When you are sick, it’s hard to want to take care of anyone besides yourself. And often, physical and mental limitations make it nearly impossible. Yet even taking a few minutes out of the day to shift your focus onto another, whether it’s through prayer, sending a word of encouragement to another in an email, or preparing a nice meal for a loved one, can have profound effects on health.